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Conversion for Kids Shoe Sizes, Guide and Charts

Parents should check their children’s shoes every so often to know if what they are wearing are still working for them. You should make sure to inspect each shoe for stressed seams, worn areas, and other signs of damage.

If the kids are already complaining that their shoes are now uncomfortable to wear, and if you notice bulging sides and signs of excessive wear on the part of the toes or heels, it’s time for you to get them a new pair of shoes.

It’s easy to get the right fit for your kids when you’re buying from a brick-and-mortar store. Just make sure to do your shoe shopping later in the afternoon or evening, when their feet have gotten a little more swollen over the course of the day. Ask them to try the shoes on for a few minutes and get the size they are most comfortable wearing.

Of course, it’s a totally different case when you’re purchasing shoes online. It could be a tricky game because your child can’t fit them. In this case, you need to measure the length and width of the child’s feet and use the shoe size conversion tables below to know their shoe size in the most common shoe sizing systems in world:

Shoe Size Chart for Top Brands

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